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The city of Jesolo offers a lot of opportunities to have a good time, relax, and get back to a good mood.

Jesolo allows you to play your preferred water sport or to learn a new one under the guide of experts: swimming schools, surf, scuba diving, sail and water skiing with the possibility of renting relative equipments; jet-skiing and paraflying.

Besides, you can do some other sporting activities on the beach as: courses of gymnastics and sweet gymnastics for all ages, beach volleyball or rugby, games and competitions for adults and children.

In Jesolo sport is at home and you will find a complete supply of gyms and equipments for your favourite activity, choosing among tennis, eleven- and five-a-side soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, or body-building.

They are as well several riding schools offering lessons and walks in the country, across the lagoon or off in the sea: a new feeling, a good physical exercise, a rediscovery of an ancient way to move.

And for the lovers of golf in Jesolo there is also a modern 18-hole golf course.